We humanise technology

We are a strategic design and innovation consultancy transforming complex electronic technologies into meaningful and desirable user experiences. Our work builds bridges between people and technology, touching on every aspect of their lives.

Users - The Centre Of Our Work 

Our aim is to enrich and enhance the user experience through our strategic design innovations, which is what makes us be the best listeners, exploring and building profound relationships with users. We take the time to know them and their needs by conducting qualitative user research and we empower them to validate our ideas before we deliver our concepts to the client.

Inspired by Technology 

Knowledge inspires us to provide our clients with the best solutions. It is our driver towards creativity and innovation and the main “tool” we use to transform complex technologies. This is why you will always see us on the “look-out” for the latest trends and the best ways to integrate them in our work.

We have grown to be specialists in creating electronic products which fill the missing link between technology and users. We can now use our experience and expertise to also inspire others by being a hub of innovation, an enabler for start-ups who need to find the best partners in order to make their ideas tangible.

And Deliver It 

We deliver complete, tailor-made solutions, whether mass-market or one-offs. We have the expertise to turn your ideas into meaningful product proposals and the mechanical engineering and network of vendors to deliver final, working products and prototypes.

Our expertise brings meaningful, innovative and desirable products and solutions for users and clients across all industries, worldwide. We work in a convergence of fields/technologies/industries, constantly improving the way in which people interact with technology (e.g. CE & medical).

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