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Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) 2017

Pilotfish checked out the latest trends and developments at the Frankfurt Motor Show:

Car HMI conference

Car HMI conference in Berlin

Pilotfish successfully introduced Modular Car HMI Canvas at Car HMI Conference in Berlin. Agile prototyping tool meets industry’s need for fast, flexible and cost-efficient UX development

VR workshop 2

Virtual Reality

Since Virtual Reality has become accessible to consumers it is slowly becoming culturally mainstream. The entertainment industry is quick to adopt, streaming concerts and live sports events in VR. The big question arises; what is the potential of VR outside of the entertainment industry? What Can VR do to impact your industry?

dutch design week 2016

Dutch Design Week 2016

As designers, we always look for inspiration. The Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, was the perfect spot for the Amsterdam design team to get inspired with latest trends, material or product experiences.


The Intuitive Headphones – Twist. Bend. Play

At Pilotfish we make quick, experiential prototypes to explore and understand the value of newly proposed user experiences in our ongoing conversations with our clients.

General 1 Tmobile

IFA Berlin 2015 - Bigger & Better

IFA Berlin came back bigger and better with its 2015 edition, bringing together both renowned industry players as well as numerous start-ups, all taking the "stage" with stronger and more impressive products.


iNova Atlantis – The Submarine With Gills

Giuseppe Carusi – iNova CEO and creator of the iNova Atlantis submarine speaks about one of the most challenging and fun projects in the Pilotfish portfolio. How did this project come to life and what makes it unique? These are just a couple of the questions you’ll find the answers to in this article.


What Your Business Needs To Know About The Internet of Things

How will The Internet of Things look like in 5 years? How should CEOs and Decision Boards approach the development of IoT in the era of connected devices and when does a “smart” product lose its purpose for the user?


What We Saw At ISPO Munich 2015

Wearables, drones and return to natural materials, all in one at ISPO Munich 2015


3D Printers - Toys or Tools?

Interview with Pilotfish Inc. Managing Director - Marco Heusdens


10 Fresh Trends From Dutch Design Week 2014

Between the 18th and the 26th of October, Eindhoven was the place to be for all Dutch designers. During nine days, exhibitions, experiments, seminars and workshops, as well as parties and get-togethers that summed up in over 300 events took over the Dutch town.


Nothing Gets Lost, Everything Is Transformed

At a time when less than 10% of the plastic produced in the world is recycled, a group of young Dutch designers ask the question: “What if you could make really cool things from your plastic trash, in a really awesome way?”

Interaction Design Workshop Bucharest 1

Behind The Scenes Of An Interactive Installation Workshop

Interview with Creative Director – Stefanel Barutcieff