Context & Challenge 

With the consulting app Hansaton introduces a tablet app that offers support for several touchpoints. Primary application is in-store where the app serves as a source of information for customers about hearing aids and hearing loss while they are waiting for a consult. During a consult, acousticians use an expert modus to explain differences in Hansaton hearing aids and performances levels to their customers.

The app contains a lot of medical and technical information that needs to be communicated in an easy to digest way. In the design, we reduce the risk of customers feeling overwhelmed by adding interactive elements that reduce the information load.

Consulting app 

The heart of the app is demonstrating how hearing aids with different performance levels can support the user in everyday hearing situations like having a telephone call, listening to music or dining at a restaurant. Customers and their relatives can listen to integrated sound files for different scenarios, with different sound qualities, so they can better understand the value of hearing aids. We decided to let images and sound speak when possible, keeping additional information on hidden panels that can be slided into view when needed.

Remote Control app redesign 

Also for the remote app the main goal was to break down the app functionality to give bite-sized information and clear steps to the user. Using the existing branding guidelines, Pilotfish proposed a visual design to improve usability and strengthen the current brand identity.

Prototyping and implementation 

For both apps we supported Hansaton until the successful App Store release. For the consulting app we first built a high-fidelity prototype to communicate and validate the design with end users and stakeholders and later developed and released the fully working application in the iOS app store.

Hansaton app - big image