Context & Challenge 

With a product range of over 50,000 sensors and controls, Honeywell traditionally finds it challenging to communicate the complexity and diversity of its' portfolio at trade-shows. It is difficult for prospective clients to experience directly the products Honeywell has to offer in the sensors market.

Key concept 

We designed, developed and produced a series of interactive spheres incorporating Honeywell sensors and switches, each sphere highlighting the unique characteristics, accuracy and sensitivity of a particular sensor or switch when fair visitors interact with them. These sensing spheres are connected to an interface which turns the interaction into a fun and entertaining game for users.

Design & Realisation 

Early brainstorms and sketches exploring playful ways of engaging and interacting with Honeywell sensors developed into sketching, refinement and further exploration of the Sensing Sensation concept. In the second phase of the design process we built working prototypes of the sensing spheres. The final product was delivered to the client, a series of six different, fully functioning demonstrators, with an integrated interface which allows users to interact with the spheres.

The Sensing Sensation spheres were launched at Electronica 2012 trade show in Munich and are currently at their fourth edition.

Honeywell 6
Honeywell dark