iNova Atlantis – The Submarine With Gills

Giuseppe Carusi – iNova CEO and creator of the iNova Atlantis submarine speaks about one of the most challenging and fun projects in the Pilotfish portfolio. How did this project come to life and what makes it unique? These are just a couple of the questions you’ll find the answers to in this article.

24th July 2015 – iNova was founded in September 2013 with the aim of studying and developing high tech, clean energy projects mainly in the field of marine transportation. Recently a partnership between Israeli inventor, Alan Bodner and Giuseppe Carusi has allowed the iNova Atlantis submarine to incorporate an innovation called “Like a Fish technology” that enables to extract a breathable oxygen mix directly from the sea water. A 1/20 scale mock-up has recently been on display at the Expo Milan 2015, where visitors could have a look at the device which is aiming to revolutionise water travel.

You are the master-mind behind Atlantis. How did the idea of this project come to you?

Humans are naturally inclined to explore the world and generation after generation, we’ve developed the technology to help us gain more knowledge and break the barriers holding us back. However, while the oceans cover the widest surface of our planet, they are still one of the least understood and explored environments by human kind. This is mostly because the technology making this possible is expensive and not accessible to all.

I believe knowledge and the beauty of nature should be something everyone can have access to, not just via the internet, but through actual, direct contact with the surrounding world. This is how the idea of creating a versatile and comfortable underwater leisure/exploration vehicle was born.

The iNova partners want to change the current situation in which the most efficient technology for underwater travel is only reserved for a few, privileged people. This is what drove us to turn this idea into a reality, an actual user friendly product that people can buy and use as if it were an automobile.

Could you describe Atlantis in just one sentence?

There is a lot to say about it, because of the many, diverse features we’ve incorporated in it, but I guess the best way to summarize this is to say that Atlantis is a futuristic, multipurpose over and underwater travel vehicle, designed and built for leisure, research or public utility purposes.

How long did it take to develop Atlantis?

This project is the result of years of planning and hard work for iNova. We constantly kept an eye on how we can incorporate better technology and optimise it. It was very important for us not to compromise our vision of creating a user friendly, but high-performance vehicle, while at the same time keeping it compact in size. All these things take time, but we are extremely proud of the end result.

What do you consider to be the unique feature of Atlantis?

Besides the much lower cost of exercise and maintenance, compared to other underwater travel vehicles, the submarine is capable of high speed surface navigation and therefore independent in navigation, it is equipped with full automation and latest navigation technology all synchronized with software, almost an artificial intelligence, but most of all it is equipped with the “Like a Fish Tech” patented technology - a new system which can extract breathable air directly from the water during travel. This is why we call it the Submarine with Gills.

This technology offers Atlantis a nearly unlimited air supply and along with its propulsion equipment (latest generation lithium-ion batteries that drive two 40-horsepower electrical engines, attached to custom-built hydro-jet units) and the power source, makes it a completely independent vehicle. You could transport it on a boat trailer because of its compact size, launch it from any dock or simply drive it where you want to go and have a nearly unlimited air supply throughout your travel, whatever the purpose of it may be.

How many people can fit into the submarine?

At the present time, the design is done to allow for 1 pilot and 3 observers inside the submarine, giving them an incredible view through the wide canopy. However, larger vehicles can be developed based on our principles, design and technology incorporated into Atlantis. Comfort, safety and also a great experience are our main focus points towards what we want to give the passengers. The Pilotfish design team understood this and created a beautiful and comfortable craft. The interior design is inspired by auto-design and all the leisure, safety and communication functions are intuitive, in order to make it easy to manoeuvre.

We’ve already seen a three-foot scale prototype at the Expo Milano 2015 event. What is next for Atlantis?

Right now we are aiming for the full-scale prototype for the start of 2016. We want to see it on an actual boat and get to see how it works. So we are looking for financial support at this time. We’ve had our hard times and it has been frustrating at times, we even thought about giving up, but we believe that we will be developing a technology that will revolutionise water travel and we really want to share it with everybody. Its challenging but we will make this dream come true!

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