Context & Challenge 

The challenged offered by the client was for Pilotfish to create an information point for large, public spaces such as airports, which is both easy to use and cost effective.

The previous solutions consisted of either info-kiosks, with an impersonal and potentially confusing interaction, or service counters operated by actual persons, preferred by passengers but not cost-effective.

The concept developed by Pilotfish combines the advantages of both systems, by using real operators connected via webcams to multiple terminals located throughout the airport.


Design Process & Realisation 

After developing the design concept we built a 1:1 scale intermediary mock-up to test the ergonomics of the system. The aim was to facilitate a human-to-human interaction with the person on the other side of the screen.

Following mechanical engineering work, we also ensured the delivery of the final working prototype and its installation in the Munich Airport.

Final Product 

Visitors in the airport simply need to push the info-button in order to be connected to a real operator via webcam. They can also scan the boarding pass and optionally print the guidance information which they need. Passengers hence get access to reliable information in areas of the airport where there was previously no opportunity for face-to-face contact with service representatives.

Munich Airport