Key Concept 


Skitzoo Dancer is an innovative software based musical instrument controlled by body movements. It revolutionizes dance performances by combining two ways of self expression - dancing and creating music. Instead of moving your body to existing music you are now able to create rhythm with your body moves.

Skitzoo 1

Design Process & Realisation 

During the development phase we attached tact switches to a professional dancer to validate the concept and to get feedback from a potential user. These tact switches triggered sound samples via a keyboard every time the dancer created her body moves.

Final Product 

Skitzoo Dancer is an application that runs on iPad, iPhone or any other computing devices with a camera. It works together with colored markers that are placed on the body (i.e. wrist, feet, knee, elbow). The software uses the inbuilt camera for motion tracking (tracking of the colored markers) and can trigger preset sound file when a certain motion appears. A sequence of motions can therefore create a rhythm, beat and tones.

If you stomp on the floor you can hear the kick drums of a pearl battery kit. If you move your arm sideways you can hear the sound of bursting glass. Now it is up to the combination of your body moves to create dance and rhythms.


The software offers different pre-recorded sounds mapped on gestures which users can customize. The build in camera recognizes every gesture and every move, automatically creating the designated sound.

Skitzoo Dancer