IoT Solutions

Connected devices are changing our behaviours and experiences significantly. “The Internet of Everything” is expected to grow towards more than 50 billion wireless connected devices by 2020. With our clients we identify new opportunities by linking the network with physical smart and connected things. By finding the right balance between applications and electronics we create real value for real users and an immersive user experiences.

Digital Solutions

We create engaging & meaningful software solutions by putting people at the heart of the design process. In close cooperation with the customer team and end users, we use prototyping tools and our lean mindset to work through the different stages of the design & development process. A project may include a co-creation workshop, an explorative field research, application workflows, wireframes, interactive and visual mockups and several concept validation rounds. Our all-round team of GUI designers and developers tackles all aspects of the digital experience, including app release, hosting & maintenance.

Interactive Installations

Smart and complex technologies are mostly invisible and not understandable to the end user. With Interactive Installations our clients are able to showcase these hidden innovations in an engaging and exiting way, while promoting their brand at public presentations, trade shows and in public spaces. By combining multiple and various disciplines in hard-and software development, followed by the complete realisation including logistics, we deliver interactive installations at your doorstep.