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Pilotfish is a strategic design and innovation consultancy based in Europe and Asia.

Pilotfish has offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich and Taipei. Our setup helps European customers connect with the production expertise of Asia. At the same time, we offer design services to Asian companies that wish to enter the European market.
Our solutions range from visionary concepts to fully developed concept-to-market products delivered to the client’s door. Our services are fully flexible, depending on your objectives. We will always assemble the right team to provide tailor-made solutions that meet your needs.


We are multidisciplinary and multicultural.

Our team has grown to a multinational group of 35 designers, engineers and manufacturing experts delivering design concepts, visions and end products to international brands around the world. More than 10 nationalities are represented in our offices, helping us to effectively cross cultural borders and understand our clients’ local market needs.



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