Luxury driving user experience

Third generation on board car unit

Increasing efficiency in agriculture through user-centered design
Farm work is time-sensitive; animals are hungry and growing, crops have
optimal harvest windows, and agriculture staff have hefty workloads.

Client: HAITEC

Field Research

UI Design

The OnBoard Unit (OBU) communicates with the driver and is designed to perform multiple in-car functions. With a large 12-inch display, Pilotfish managed to design the visual elements in a way that users are able to find and control functions faster and easier.

Pilotfish was responsible for the graphical interface design and interaction design of the OBU III. We worked closely with Haitec’s in-house departments, including marketing, user experience and sales. We focused on its brand value and created style guidelines for the next five years

Luxury and genius

‘Luxury and Genius’ is the brand image of our client. We transformed the physical objects from the car interior into digital ‘Luxury and Genius’.

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