Crowd-connected theft protection

World’s first crowd-connected theft protection device

INSECT is attached to the user’s bicycle frame. If a thief tries to steal the bike, an immediate alert will be sent via the Insect app to all nearby crowd members and the owner. The INSECT device itself will also react with a sound alarm. In case the bike is still stolen, despite the alarms, the user will receive location updates about where to find the bike through GPS on his smartphone.


Product DNA

ID & UX Design


Proof of Concept

Tooling & Production

Final Assembly

The task

Design a device to keep bikes safe from thieves with GPS tracking and alarms. 

Our solution

INSECT is a crowd-connected device that alerts of theft with an alert sent to the INSECT app, while also sounding an alarm and tracking the bike with GPS.

Pilotfish helped the FahrradJäger team throughout the entire mechanical development process of INSECT.
We were there for the initial product design, detailed mechanical design, engineering, tool making and testing as well as the final manufacturing and assembly. We even helped develop INSECT’s unique lock mechanism. 

Riding to success

We challenged ourselves to design INSECT to be easily installed on the bike yet almost impossible to remove by a thief.

Our experts sourced the necessary components and helped FahrradJäger find the right production partner in Asia.

What’s up?

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