Seeing deep, in the dark

A videoscope with easy operations on the fingertip

The Mitcorp X1000 is a video borescope or inspection camera, that captures video or images deep within equipment, engines and other dark spaces. The user interface was developed by Pilotfish to increase efficiency in harsh environments.


ID & UX Design

User Research

Pilotfish was responsible for the industrial and user interface design. We kicked off with interviewing the end users in their environment, such as refineries and garages, to allow us to understand all their possible pain points in detail.

The videoscope features four-way 360° articulation with joystick operation and offers the user high image quality on a 7 inch LCD screen. It also features a touchscreen interface making operation for mechanical and remote visual inspection work easy.

Long-term user-satisfaction

The insights from the user research phase were then used to develop a creative and easy-to-use design. The new generation X1000 has received great feedback and won the Taiwan Excellence Award in the Health and Precision Instruments category. 

What’s up?

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Ingram Huang, Team Lead Digital