AR in the future of surgery

Augmented reality enhanced surgical navigator

The VOSTARS headset is the first multimodality visor for surgical navigation. The system uses augmented reality to overlay case specific information on the patient during surgeries with a submillimeter accuracy. The virtual content stays within the surgeon’s visual field, reducing the need to divert attention to external monitors for additional information.


Innovation Managment

ID & UX Design


Proof of Concept

The task

Our focus was to translate the surgical team’s needs and the technological insights to an industrial design that can seamlessly integrate into the surgical procedure and provide a flawless user experience to the surgeon.

The solution

The new visor can generate AR content in a more authentic and reliable way, mitigating the technological and perceptual pitfalls of conventional near-eye-displays for AR. The ergonomic design allows the surgeon to look 30˚ downwards through the system without straining the neck.

Pilotfish supported The University of Pisa and 11 other European partners from the very beginning of the project, leading the industrial design, mechanical engineering and system integration activities. This design is the final proof of concept developed in the research-based project.

Through our user-research, we found neck strain to be a major concern for surgeons. We overcame this challenge by designing a tilt in the device to allow the surgeons to look 30˚downwards and see all the vital information, without damaging their necks.

Seeing the future of surgery

The device housing was adapted during the mechanical engineering phase to fit two different optical hardware technologies. Our work allowed the research team to compare these display technologies while minimising the production costs.
The proof of concept’s housing has entirely been developed and produced by Pilotfish.