Gluing Machine
Gluing Machine


Ace Machinery Inc.

Designing a user-centered industrial machine

Despite the great performance capacity of their products, most Korean machinery companies struggle with their visibility in European and North American markets. To support Ace Machinery Inc., Pilotfish created a new product identity based on a holistic design approach. By working closely with engineers, marketers, dealers and end users, we defined housing and human machine interface (HMI) designs based on user and market needs.
The project’s aim was to not only create an appealing aesthetic for the machine (which is very important for dealers), but to also increase the ease of use for operators. Based on qualitative user research, Pilotfish turned the previously complicated machine operating process into a simple and intuitive workflow, which significantly improved overall work efficiency.

Ace machine-Glue machine_rendering-3_1920x1080.JPG
Ace machine-Glue machine_rendering-6_960x960.JPG
Ace machine-Glue machine_rendering-5_960x960.JPG
Ace machine-Glue machine_process-rendering_1920x1080.JPG
Ace machine-Glue machine_rendering-2_960x960.JPG
Ace machine-Glue machine_rendering-4_960x960.JPG
Ace machine-Glue machine_rendering-4_1920x1080.JPG
“Working with Pilotfish allowed our company to make a huge step forward. We have been dreaming of entering the western market with a strong brand identity that visualises the outstanding performance of our product. After launching our new system at the Print Fair 2016 in Düsseldorf, sales in the EU and US markets soared up with the market price for a single machine having tripled by now.”
— Chul Lee, CEO of Ace Machinery, with Korean Financial News
Ace machine-Glue machine_branding-1_1920x1080.JPG


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