Patient-focused spirometry

For US medical technology supplier ERT, Pilotfish employed a user-centered development process—from interviews to testing intermediary solutions with end users—to ensure that the lung function testing device SpiroSphere would improve the experience for all parties involved. SpiropShere provides a less intimidating procedure for spirometry patients, and for doctors, it enhances the overall experience of spirometry testing through its intuitive interface and streamlined workflows. The system highlights only essential information and reduces complexity by using the latest sensor technologies and interaction possibilities of multi-touch displays. It also eliminates the need for a desktop computer, as it automatically and wirelessly syncs the data from the tests.

ERT_PF_Wide-1_1920x1080 copy.jpg
ERT_PF_Wide-8_1920x1080 copy.jpg
ERT_PF_Wide-5_1920x1080 copy.jpg
ERT_PF_Wide-7-2_1920x1080 copy.jpg
During the development process, Pilotfish explored multiple hardware formats as well as aesthetically different models and interactive prototypes to test the most effective options for doctors
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