Branding design for packaging systems

When Korean automated packaging systems provider Jaepack planned to create a new line of packaging solutions, they turned to Pilotfish to develop a brand-building design language, boost the system’s work efficiency and reduce the cost of overseas shipping.
Shortly thereafter, our design team visited Jaepack’s factory in Korea and dove into research. We transformed the existing raw and purely functional design of the Jaepack product into a refined and appealing minimalist item. For the new line of products, we created a red “gate” as the main design element and for existing products, we redesigned the control panel for easier and more intuitive use. In addition, we restructured the mechanical parts, enabling Jaepack to save considerable costs with shipping. 

Jaepack-Family line up_1920x1080.JPG
Jaepack_PF_process 3_960x960.jpg
Jaepack_PF_process 12_960x960.jpg
Jaepack_PF_process 9_960x960.jpg
Jaepack_PF_process 1_960x960.jpg
Utilizing the red “gate” as the main design element for the new line of products emphasizes the flow of the packed goods and functions as a recognizable branding detail that can easily be adapted for other Jaepack products.
Jaepack_PF_process 11_960x960.jpg
Jaepack_PF_process 10_960x960.jpg
Jaepack_PF_process 5-3_960x960.jpg
Jaepack_PF_process 5-2_960x960.jpg


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