Pilotfish kicks off collaboration with OrelTech thanks to SmartEEs funding

We’ve been quiet here in the Fish Tank over the last 12 months, but we’ve been busy behind the scenes on plenty of projects that we’re excited to share soon. 

In 2021 we were proud to receive grant funding from SmartEEs, which recognised the innovation in our plans with OrelTech to develop applications for their particle-free metallic ink printing technology for the use case of smart incontinence products for adult care.  
In health care facilities, smart incontinence products are emerging as a non-intrusive way to track patient needs through an app, without the need for disruptive manual checks. But currently, the costs involved outweigh the benefits.  
Pilotfish is now developing a connector between the sensor and monitoring device that will make the move to smart incontinence products financially viable for health facilities, and importantly – increase efficiency for medical professionals and improve comfort for those in care.

This is possible due to OrelTech’s easy-to-process metallic inks, which can apply a conductive layer to affordable materials like paper, and directly to a connector, removing the need for costing metal components. 

Our Berlin team is excited by the possibilities that OrelTech’s printing technology offers, and is thrilled to bring our idea to a prototype, with additional support from VTT and Blumorpho, thanks to the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 funding provided through SmartEEs.