Redefining personal computing

In 2000, PaceBook became Pilotfish’s first project and with our radical new design it was able to act as a notebook, LCD desktop and tablet PC all in one.

PaceBook’s product vision was seeded in 1999, when WeLLDesign and ERA Design collaborated on the Qbe Cirrus Personal Computer Tablet, the world’s first fully mobile tablet PC by California based Aqcess Technologies. At Comdex in 1999, the Qbe Cirrus won the Best of Show Award and Bill Gates touted it as “the future”. With this experience, David Chen, founder of ERA Design, Eric Djie, designer at WeLLDesign, and Per Lyngemark founded PaceBlade in Taiwan with the ambition to disrupt the notebook market.

With Pilotfish’s radical new PaceBook design it was able to act as a notebook, desktop and tablet PC all in one. In addition to the computer itself, Pilotfish also designed its accessories in close collaboration with the PaceBlade team and ERA Design engineers. The product was launched at CeBit in March 2001 and received worldwide attention in the press.

Fun fact: The original PaceBook was used in the NASA International Space Station from 2009 until 2014 as part of the physical training programme for astronauts, which helps them learn to mitigate the effects of microgravity such as muscular atrophy, bone loss, cardiovascular and neurosensory deconditioning through resistance and cardiorespiratory training.

“Harm and Marc are extremely talented, engaged, hardworking and professional designers, and over the last 20 years they have built an exceptional team at Pilotfish. Congratulations!”   

Eric Djie, Founder and CEO PaceBlade


The NASDAQ Composite of leading technology shares spiked on 10 March, bursting the dotcom bubble.

The U.S. government unlocked access to accurate GPS in May under the direction of President Bill Clinton.

The NOKIA 3310 was released in the fourth quarter and became one of the most successful phones.