Minds on the move

Pilotfish designed the first personal digital assistant (PDA) for E-ten, the X-800, in 2002.

Following their initial work together, Pilotfish became E-ten’s first choice for the design and development of its full product line of PDAs intended for Western markets. The partnership spanned over six years, during which time Pilotfish worked on the 300, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900 series. E-ten’s PDAs were very popular in the Middle East as well as in Russia, and Pilotfish handled the branding and the complete line of PDAs, designed all the packaging and even came up with E-ten’s slogan, “Minds on the move.”

In 2007, Pilotfish also developed E-ten’s Windows OS–based user interaction and user interface design, marking Pilotfish’s first commercial UX assignment. E-ten’s successful line of PDAs was then sold to Acer in 2008 for $290 million USD. After the strategic purchase, Pilotfish designed a few Android-based PDAs for Acer.

With E-ten, Pilotfish won two iF Product Design Awards, one Computex Taipei Best Choice Award and three Taiwan Excellence Awards.


Prince Claus of the Netherlands died, aged 76, on 6 October after a long battle against an illness.

China Airlines Flight 611 crashed into the Taiwan Strait 20 minutes after takeoff on 25 May.

The Euro was officially adopted by 12 of the 15 countries in the EU as the official currency.