Democratising mobile computing

In 2003, Pilotfish received its first assignment from Medion Mobile, starting a partnership that lasted for over 10 years.

Medion Mobile had only been launched in 2002, but it quickly became the rising star of Medion AG, which is well-known for ALDI’s consumer electronics and PCs. Through ALDI, Medion AG suddenly offered notebooks, PDAs, MP3 players, personal navigation assistants (PNAs) and GPS devices.

The ambitious Medion Mobile team preferred Pilotfish over Medion’s design team primarily because Pilotfish was able to design and manage Medion’s new product developments directly at the vendor’s site.

We were young and quick on our feet. Via Medion, Pilotfish was able to establish relationships with Compal Electronics, Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., Ltd., FIC, Micro-Star International, MiTAC Holdings Corp. and Wistron Corporation. Between 2003 and 2008, Pilotfish designed close to 50 projects for Medion. In addition to designing numerous mobile devices, Pilotfish created the first product guideline for Medion Mobile as well as the first Medion PNA: the 150 series. Over 300,000 devices were sold within one week.

“Pilotfish was one of the first design and innovation agencies I worked with. Unlike most of the other agencies that came and went, Pilotfish has always been a notable partner for me along the way – not only for their competencies, which surely help, but also for their passionate work and solving the individual needs of their partners. If I had not previously known what a ‘pilotfish’ does, I would surely know the meaning by now.”   

Mark Jerndzok, Senior Project Manager Notebooks,
now Executive Director Computing & Connected Devices at MEDION AG – A Lenovo Company


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Space shuttle Columbia disintegrated as it returned to Earth, killing all seven crew members.

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