The facilitating expert

In 2009, Moog Inc., a global manufacturer of control systems, selected Pilotfish as their product branding agency due to their diverse capabilities and their integration of hardware with software.

Although Moog grew quickly, it was through mergers and acquisitions, which resulted in an inconsistent product portfolio. Pilotfish was tasked to help Moog’s 24 global research and development teams create branding guidelines for hardware and software based on the tagline, “Moog – the facilitation expert”.

The branding guidelines offered a clear design rationale that both hardware and software engineers could apply during the new product introduction processes for their projects. Furthermore, Pilotfish opened a 24/7 helpdesk for Moog team members who needed additional support. Following this collaboration, Pilotfish received additional requests from various Moog teams and Pilotfish designers travelled to many Moog sites to start new projects.

In addition to the branding guidelines and product and user interface designs, Pilotfish also designed, engineered and produced its first interactive demonstration tool for Moog’s wind
turbines. Moog used the device at trade show booths to showcase the qualities of their wind turbines by inviting visitors to interact with their products and experience the “individual pitch
control” mechanisms. The device was a huge success at the HUSUM Wind fair in 2010 and 2012 and Moog ordered two additional devices for fairs in China and the U.S. With Moog, Pilotfish signed its first annual framework contract, which is still active today.

“Moog and Pilotfish developed a close collaboration that you rarely find in the corporate world. The skills of each team complimented the other and we have accomplished long-term results. We successfully applied our newly defined brand to both hardware and software product designs, while developing a pathway for future engineering.”    

Kim McKernan, Global Marketing Manager


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