Trade show demo – Sensing sensation

With a product range of over 50,000 sensors and controls, Honeywell approached Pilotfish in 2012 asking, “How do you engage with new prospects at a trade show, while you’re surrounded by competitors and your products are very small sensors?”

In response, Pilotfish ideated, realised and installed interactive sensing spheres to be used at trade shows to present Honeywell’s Sensing & Control portfolio as well as demonstrate their competence in sensor technology. The sensing spheres were launched at the Electronica trade show in Munich in 2012 and travelled around the world in the following years. They allowed visitors to experiment with the sensory controls by touching, blowing and manipulating the spheres. Each sphere highlighted the unique characteristics, accuracy and sensitivity of a particular sensor, while simultaneously creating a strong link across the entire portfolio. The demo was a very successful crowd pleaser.


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