Intelligent heating control

In 2013, the Munich-based start-up tado° turned to Pilotfish for support in the design for manufacturing (DFM), tooling and production of their self-learning IoT-based heating management system.

At the time, the team of developers could sit around one large table in a student apartment. Now, the company has over 200 team members and, in 2018, they raised $50 million USD in funding from Amazon, E.ON, the European Investment Bank and other noteworthy and strategic investors. tado°’s products are sold worldwide, with the company often being referred
to as the “German Nest”.

Since then, Pilotfish has been co-developing the mechanical parts, building tools for plastic injection moulding and producing the housing parts of tado°’s complete product line at mass production scale.

“We’ve worked with Pilotfish since the beginning, when tado° was just a young start-up operating out of a private apartment in Munich. Pilotfish has supported us throughout our growth—from where we were then to where we are today. Their support has always been and continues to be proactive, meeting our changing needs during each phase of the growth process.”

Christian Deilmann, Co-founder and Managing Director, tado° GmbH


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