App-controlled mobile EMS sportswear

In 2014, the best crowdfunded German hardware start-up, Wearable Life Science, turned to Pilotfish for the development of their revolutionary electronic muscle simulation (EMS) suit, the ANTELOPE.

More than the general conception and design, Pilotfish was also in charge of developing and producing the two-channel booster unit for the ANTELOPE suit.

The complex electronics – and the occasionally painful testing – of the EMS system were only some of the challenges. Another big task was to figure out a seamless connection between the soft textiles and the harder electronic modules, and of course the washability of the suit.

The ANTELOPE EMS suit won the 2015–2016 ISPO Brandnew Sportswear and Public Choice Awards and 2015 Plus X Awards in the innovation, high quality, design and functionality categories.

“When I had the idea for Antelope, I immediately reached out to Pilotfish in Munich. The team provided invaluable advice when we started the project. We also worked with Pilotfish throughout the development process, all the way until we brought a cross-disciplinary product to the market. Antelope’s success would not have been possible without Pilotfish. And Marc obviously likes the  product – at least he was seen running in one of our tank tops.”    

Philipp Schwarz, Founder, Wearable Life Science


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