Biolux HCL control unit

The LEDVANCE BIOLUX Human Centric Lighting (HCL) control unit follows natural daylight patterns to ensure the proper light temperature and intensity to support people’s circadian rhythms in offices – a modern concept that replaces conventional office lighting and positively impacts the general health and well-being of office employees.

Pilotfish was responsible for the design, development and production of the wall-mounted control unit, which is more than the interface for the system: It is also the characteristic brand element of the entire system. Pilotfish oversaw the entire path from the industrial design and user interface design to the electronic design and mechanical engineering to the final production. Designers, engineers and production managers worked hand-in-hand to achieve what was introduced to the market in March 2020.

The device has a simple and abstract design on the outside but is smart and sophisticated on the inside. The same year it hit the market, it received the German Innovation Award, Red Dot Design Award and Golden Pin Design Award.


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