Client: PRYD

Luxury and performance in a portable PC

When our Swiss client PRYD asked us to design an exclusive high-end notebook from the ground up, we seized the opportunity to take craftsmanship and mechanical innovation to the next level. The result is an ergonomic luxury notebook with a novel opening system, customized connectors and an extremely slim shape. By choosing high thermal conductivity carbon fiber composites and aluminum alloys, we also created an innovative heat management system, turning the PRYD into a durable and reliable companion—one with a style so unique that even the jury of the prestigious American GOOD DESIGN Award agreed.

Behind the Scenes

Upon opening the notebook, the keyboard automatically tilts into a comfortable typing position for the user. The letters are hidden when it’s in an idle state and illuminate when activated through built-in proximity sensors. The same applies to the peripheral connection indicators, which light up when a connector is plugged in.