Up your game with HD sound

CAGE’s advanced audio technology enables you to lose yourself in the action and localise your opponents with ease. The headset’s immersive realism not only rewrites the rules for gaming sound, but music and movies are also experienced more vividly than ever before.

Client: Teufel

“We started by taking a close look at what gamers need and how we could best meet these needs. In the end, we’re especially proud of CAGE’s acoustic performance. The sound is just amazing!”
–Robert Schwarz, Product Developer at Teufel

The CAGE does justice to its name with sturdy ear cups supported by an aluminum frame. Pilotfish developed the mechanical design for CAGE’s smart folding mechanism that now serves as the leading aesthetic feature of the Teufel headphones.

Watch Teufel Cage in Action

Pilotfish did: 

Product DNA

The product DNA phase is where we define all the overall feeling of the product and define all the necessary requirements. As well with the basic setup of parts and working principle. The end result is the initial release of the PD document.

Proof of Concept

In the POC phase, we develop the working principles and test them. All critical and unknown aspects of the product have to be understood and problems must be solved before moving onto the next phase.

ID & UX Design

During the ID phase, we create the product’s appearance and user interaction. We not only make sure that the product is designed to be ergonomically friendly and visually appealing but also keep the production feasibility and cost needs in mind. By working hand in hand with engineers and production managers, we design the product to minimize the risks and costs that may occur during the production phase.

Behind the Scenes

Endless sketches, foam models, and 3D-printed shape studies—these are some of the many prototypes we created while developing the smart design of Teufel’s CAGE headphones.

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