Product innovation and worry free production


Developing hardware is hard. But having a trusted development partner on your side helps. Pilotfish will help you navigate the complexities of hardware development, starting with the early stages of product refinement and finishing with a beautifully packaged product delivered to your warehouse.

Our Expertise

We work with our clients to understand their individual needs and serve as their trusted partner in bringing innovative concepts to mass production. Our extensive knowledge and experienced teams in 3 offices around the world allow us to offer clients a wide spectrum of services that meet every need during hardware and product development.

Product DNA

The purpose of the DNA phase is to understand the user, market, and technology as well as clearly outline the product definition document (PD). In addition, we conduct qualitative user research through user observations and interviews and then develop personas and user cases. Together, the PD and user-based research result in the initial product concept ideas.

ID & UX Design

During the ID phase, we create the product’s appearance and user interaction. We not only make sure that the product is designed to be ergonomically friendly and visually appealing but also keep the production feasibility and cost needs in mind. By working hand in hand with engineers and production managers, we design the product to minimize the risks and costs that may occur during the production phase.

Proof of Concept

In the POC phase, we develop the working principles and test them. All critical and unknown aspects of the product have to be understood and problems must be solved before moving onto the next phase.


Our team of engineers designs the encasement and all details for production, including draft angles, screw bosses, ribs for assembly. The engineering work is tested with working prototypes and the final deliverables are 3D files and supporting documents ready to start tooling. Pilotfish can also manage the development of the electronics with the support of our partners in Taiwan.

Tooling & Production

Pilotfish oversees all tool design and the quality control of the tool production. We diligently work with trial samples until we reach the golden sample, or in other words, the perfect set of finished parts. During the pilot run, small batches of the product are made for end users to test as well as for marketing and promotional purposes and CE/FCC certification. After the pilot run, Pilotfish manages the production of the finished, ready to sell product.


With 20 years of experience developing products in Taiwan and China, we have established a truly impressive network of trusted partners. Through our multi-step development process, we’ll understand your product needs and when required, we will source the necessary parts, subassemblies and/or vendors.

Regulatory Compliance

Products can’t launch without being compliant to market standards. It is critical to understand all industry standards your product will have to comply with, as it might even have an impact on where your products can be manufactured. The earlier compliance is built in, the better! Pilotfish will guide you in the process of successful market access by ensuring your product is compliant to country-specific requirements and standards (CE, FCC, IC, MIC, ANATEL etc). We assist you in compliance testing (Wireless, EMC, Safety Testing), inspection and product certification.

Final Assembly

Designing parts for efficient product assembly is a crucial consideration during hardware development. We ensure that the product is designed with the minimum number of steps on the assembly line in order to avoid tremendous costs and production delays. Although Pilotfish can design the quality control (QC) process and all necessary test jigs, we keep the process transparent. If desired, the client can always do their own QC or determine how many items we should test. We can test every item that comes off the production line or sample only a specific percentage of of the production batch.


The product is only finished when it’s packaged and ready to be shipped to the final customer. We deliver a fully finished product, including the packaging design and the product manual. We also source the necessary accessories (for example, a suitable charger or cables) and take care of export packaging for sea and air freight.

Innovation Management

We advise our clients on the best possible production strategy in order to minimize the time to market and increase the return of investment (ROI). There are many parties involved when it comes to hardware development, but we manage all partners and make sure that the timeline is respected and deadlines are met.



Are you looking for an experienced partner to guide you through the struggles of hardware development? Let’s see how far we can push your concept during a workshop or you can get in touch to discuss a partnership for the complete product development.


Duration: 8 hours

This intense workshop is perfect for kicking off a new and exciting project. Join the Pilotfish team to develop your project’s DNA, discuss its core essence and discover the profile of an ideal user. Based on this input, we will develop attractive design directions.

Deliverables: Project vision description, target personas description and product design DNA


Duration: 4 days

Work together with Pilotfish team to accelerate your idea. Over the course of four days, we will work intensively on formulating your product’s DNA and make sure that when you leave our office you have an amazing product idea and a realistic development plan.

Deliverables: Project vision description, user definition and how to attract them, product design DNA, first shape studies, first project plan, product architecture, design sketches


Duration: 5 months +

Let us make hardware development easy for you. Concentrate on your company’s area of expertise, while we take care of the hardware development and production management. Our offer is fully customizable depending on the core expertise of your team and the stage of your development.

Deliverables: market-ready product, mass production, packaged and shipped to your warehouse


We help ambitious innovators to develop and mass produce their product vision. We understand that your timeline and budget is tight, but we have learned how to be flexible and agile to make even the boldest dreams possible.

Corporate Ventures

Be ahead of your competition by tapping into our innovative network. We realize POCs and prototypes for corporate ventures of big corporations in order to validate new services and products.

Small or Medium Enterprises

We help SMEs design, engineer, and scale-up for mass production. Benefit from our startup-like thinking and speed of development, but also our stability and maturity which make us a trusted partner.