Vostars headset

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY AR in the future of surgery Augmented reality enhanced surgical navigator The VOSTARS headset pushes the possibilities of augmented reality (AR) as the the first multimodality visor for surgical navigation. The system uses AR to overlay case specific information on the patient during surgeries with a submillimeter accuracy. The virtual content stays within the […]

Open Point App — 7-Eleven

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Keeping 7-11 connected, 24/7 Always open, 7-ELEVEN With more than 5.800 stores, 7-ELEVEN is the biggest chain in Taiwan. The OPEN POINT app is the perfect tool for 7-ELEVEN’s members to stay connected and learn about upcoming events, promotions, as well as support payment methods and many other services. Client: 7-ELEVEN Official Website UI […]


WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Removing headaches from migraine treatment Coaching application for migraine patients The CoolHead app was used during the clinical trials of the CoolHead system; a portable medical cooling device, designed for home-use by migraine patients. Client: Braincool Official Website User Research UI Design Wireframe Front-end Development The task Design an app to help migraine patients […]


WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Seeing deep, in the dark A videoscope with easy operations on the fingertip The Mitcorp X1000 is a video borescope or inspection camera, that captures video or images deep within equipment, engines and other dark spaces. The user interface was developed by Pilotfish to increase efficiency in harsh environments. Client: MITCORP Official Website ID […]

SpiroSphere and app

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Empowering patient-focused healthcare Patient-focused spirometry The SpiroSphere and iSpiro app are trustworthy and easy-to-use healthcare devices and apps to empower patients to obtain reliable data on their lung function. Client: ERT Official Website Imagine Create Realise For US medical technology supplier ERT, Pilotfish employed a user-centered development process—from interviews to testing intermediary solutions with […]

Hearing Systems

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Lifestyle devices for hearing Revolutionising the perception of hearing instruments Having worked together for 15 years, Pilotfish consistently and successfully helps Hansaton turn stigmatising prostheses into lifestyle devices. Client: HANSATON Official Website Imagine Create Realise Pilotfish designed user-friendly interfaces for acousticians to easily explain the hearing loss to patients, including how to set-up and […]


WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Crowd-connected theft protection World’s first crowd-connected theft protection device INSECT is attached to the user’s bicycle frame. If a thief tries to steal the bike, an immediate alert will be sent via the Insect app to all nearby crowd members and the owner. The INSECT device itself will also react with a sound alarm. […]


WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Innovative diving technology The next innovation in dive computing Capturing your diving memories shouldn’t be a hassle. With modes for freediving, recreational and technical diving, Deepblu’s COSMIQ+ will appeal to divers of all types and skill levels. Client: DEEPBLU Official Website Product DNA ID & UX Design The task Design the device and app […]


WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Keeping track of man’s best friend GPS tracker to keep your four-legged friends safe Dogsens’ allows you to pinpoint your pet’s location in real time using GPS technology. Dogsens’ analyses your dog’s movements and calculates individual daily goals to avoid both too little movement and overexertion. Client: GEENY Product DNA ID & UX Design […]

E.SUN Banking App

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Easy online banking Easy online banking, wherever and whenever E.SUN Bank’s mobile app is a fast and convenient way to effectively manage your money 24/7, with a clean and user-friendly interface. Client: E.SUN BANK Official Website UI Design Imagine Create Realise Online banking made easy and safe Pilotfish was responsible for the graphic user […]