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Pilotfish is the go-to partner for integrated design, development and manufacturing services for a more sustainable and healthier future.

We are an innovation and realisation agency with experts in developing consumer, medical and B2B products.

Together, we can:

Humanise complex technologies.

Create meaningful user experiences.

Manufacture and deliver scalable products.

What we do

Strategic concept development

Concept to manufacturing

UX/UI services

Strategic concept development

We will help your business step into the future and materialise its visions. Our strategic consultation will help open new markets, develop new market models, and produce prototypes to test viability. 

Concept to manufacturing

Our team of experts help navigate the complexities of hardware development, starting with the early stages of product refinement and finishing with a beautifully packaged product delivered to your warehouse.

UX/UI services

We develop physical touch-points for the digital world, bridging the gap between hardware and software, and technology and people to bring seamless product experiences to the market.


We will bring your medical product to life, whether its for research projects or end consumers. Our team works within ISO13485 standards and we bring a holistic understanding of medical product development.

Our Concept to Market Cycle

Your one-stop-shop



We help imagine how your idea fits in the world and how it can impact the future. We define the DNA of your product, its core values, and all technical requirements and build proof of concepts.  



We use this knowledge to translate insights into tangible ideas and then design and build fully functional prototypes to make your concept a reality. 



Now, we share your product with the world, through scalable mass production, ready to hit the market. 

Why clients keep coming back


20+ years of award-winning product development experience


One-stop-shop for hardware development and production


Accelerate time to market and decreased development risk

What’s up?

“Are you looking for a partner who can guide you to create unique user experiences and help you to achieve your digital challenges? Let’s get in touch and tell us what you have in mind.”

Marc Nagel, Managing Director

We dream. We prototype. We make it happen.

Our Team

Marc Nagel
Managing Director
Black and white headshot of Harm Hogenbirk is a Managing Director of Pilotfish
Harm Hogenbirk
Managing Director
Black and white headshot of Marco Heusdens, a Managing Director at Pilotfish
Marco Heusdens
Managing Director
Daniel László-Deli
Senior Industrial Design Engineer and Project Manager
Black and white headshot of Berling Tang, a Senior Industrial Designer at Pilotfish
Berling Tang
ID Design Lead
Black and white headshot of Ray Tan, a Program Manager Electronics at Pilotfish
Ray Tan
Innovation Manager
Joke Amoraal
Office Manager
Hao Lu
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Black and white headshot of Juno Chen, Office Manager at Pilotfish
Juno Chen
Office Manager

Who we’ve worked with

Challenge Us!

Are you looking for a partner who can guide you through the complex steps of hardware development? We are always excited about new partnerships, so let us know what you have in mind!