The answer to a good night’s sleep is at the tip of your finger

Finger-tip monitor for sleep disorder diagnosis





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Dreaming of easier sleep data collection?

 TipTraQ is a fingertip device for screening and monitoring sleep apnea at home, eliminating the need to visit a clinic for diagnosis. The wearable weighs only three grams and is conveniently attached with a hook-and-loop fastener finger strap. Using PPG sensors, TipTraQ collects respiratory and cardiac signals, analyses them using AI algorithms and enables remote diagnosis. Our easy-to-use and sleek design was awarded a prestigious 2023 red dot design award.


Get a better night’s sleep – with data

Insufficient sleep causes a huge range of issues for health and well-being. Enter the TipTraQ—a discreet, comfortable sleep-tracking device that streamlines data collection to allow users to get a personalised plan to sleep better. The device eliminates intricate hospital methods and leverages AI algorithms to aid in remote diagnoses and tailored insights to enhance sleep. 

The Outcome

An easy device for tired users.

Getting a first-generation device to market is a huge achievement for any start-up, and with Pilotfish’s guidance, PranaQ’s TipTraQ made an impact on launch with a prestigious Red Dot Design award upon market entry. To create impact, we focused on what was important to the end user – comfort and ease of use. This guided our process and ensured a device that was versatile across a majority of users. 


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Marco Heusdens, Managing Director

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