Making light tangible with satisfying haptic sensation to improve health and wellbeing

Human Centric Lighting Control Unit

Client: Ledvance

INDUSTRY: Lighting
SERVICES: Product DNA, Proof of Concept, Industrial Design, Engineering, Tooling & Production, User Interaction

Prioritising sustainability and comfort with smart incontinence management

The award-winning BIOLUX Human Centric Lighting (HCL) Control Unit is a controller for HCL luminaires, a modern concept in lighting, which centers around people and positively impacts general health and wellbeing. Our exceptional design was also recognised by the international jury of the Red Dot Award and German Innovation Award in 2020.

The vision

Improving wellbeing with lighting 

Office buildings are notorious for poor lighting. But the Biolux Human Centric Lighting Control Unit gives the users the power to adjust the lighting to reflect our natural biological rhythm, or simply scroll through pre-programmed settings fit the needs of the people in the room to improve health, wellbeing and productivity.

The  outcome

Unobtrusive design camouflaging complex engineering

At a glance, the Biolux HCL-CU looks simple – a sleek and abstract design with no unnecessary features. What you don’t see is the advanced system that is controlled by the device. Our engineers accommodated high and low voltages and integrated a ZigBee chip and the newest high-tech ST-chip for Bluetooth connection, with a LED display.

What’s up?


Marc Nagel, Managing Director

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