UV sanitation for hearing devices
Keep your hearing aid sanitised
Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, Hansaton’s UV Dry Box uses ultraviolet light to sanitise and extract moisture from hearing aids. Simply store your hearing aid in your dry box overnight or when it is not in use and let it work its magic.

Client: Hansaton

Product DNA

ID & UX Design


Proof of Concept

Tooling & Production

Final Assembly

The task

Develop a device that uses ultraviolet light to sanitise hearing devices, in a compact and portable product for mass production.

The solution

The UV Dry Box eliminates 99.9% of bacteria in hearing aids and dries and cleans the devices without the use of chemicals.

Pilotfish helped Hansaton to go from concept to mass production, taking care of the entire development process.

We began with the initial product design and continued through the proof of concept, engineering, tool making and testing as well as the final manufacturing and assembly.
Pilotfish was responsible for the laboratory tests and made sure the product matched the CE and FCC certification standards. Due to the design of the UV Dry Box, the production is very flexible and we were able to customise the product with low minimum order quantities. Plus, because of our smart tooling, two different versions of the product can be produced without any additional investment.
UV Drybox being manufactured by Pilotfish

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