Removing headaches from migraine treatment

Coaching app for migraine patients




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Removing pain points from migraine treatment.

The CoolHead app was used during the clinical trials of the CoolHead system; a portable medical cooling device, designed for home-use by migraine patients. The easy-to-use app is designed to be simple, focused and with features and colours that would not exacerbate migraine symptoms.


App development for clinical trials

The CoolHead app has two key features to support the participants during clinical trials:

> Guiding users throughout the use of the device
> Surveying participants to provide feedback about the treatment efficacy
Pilotfish was responsible for the development of the CoolHead app from scratch.

The Outcome

1 task 1 screen

Taking into account the migraine patients’ special requirements, we developed a visually soothing app experience that minimises the cognitive load on the users. 1 screen = 1 task, simple phrasing, step-by-step instructions, clear feedbacks. The biggest challenge during the project was to design an app that is not overwhelming to users who are having severe headaches and light sensitivity.

What’s up?


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Harm Hogenbirk, Managing Director

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