Enhancing agricultural efficiency with user-centred design

Portable, durable grain analyser



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Optimising client technology to solve real-world pain points

Time sensitivity is a critical pain point in the agricultural industry. With hungry animals, optimal harvest windows, and heavy workloads, farmers face the challenge of making quick and informed decisions. Our task was to design and engineer a portable spectrometer using Si-Wares’ lab-on-a-chip technology. This innovation aimed to provide farmers with instant, in-field materials analysis for maximising livestock feed quality. By understanding the urgency of farm work, we embarked on designing and manufacturing the NeoSpectra Scanner—a sturdy, ergonomic handheld device that offers accurate on-demand analysis of various samples.


User-centred design for real-world agricultural needs

Our task was to develop a portable spectrometer tailored to farmers’ practical requirements. We deeply considered the end-users and developed a product that seamlessly integrated technical specifications with the unique physical demands of farm usage. This user-centred approach ensured that the device provided instant and reliable analysis, empowering farmers to optimise feed quality and drive production and profit.

The Outcome

Transforming decision-making with on-demand analysis

By simply calibrating, scanning, and analysing data from bags, barrels, or buckets, farmers can make prompt decisions to enhance feed quality and optimise their production processes to increase yields and profitability. The success of our work not only helped Si-Ware secure a valuable partnership with Dairyland Laboratories Inc. but also enabled the distribution of the NeoSpectra Scanner to the market, revolutionising the way farmers approach materials analysis.

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