Repel pests without the mess

Eco-conscious pest repellent

The iRepell is the answer to problem pests, with the ability to deter 16 different pests, including insects, rodents and cats, using ultrasonic frequencies of predator sounds. Its design and technology can be tuned to specific frequencies to target specific problem pests, deterring them with no chemicals or harm.

Client: JK SUS GmbH

Product DNA

Industrial Design


Proof of Concept

Tooling & Production

The task

Design and manufacture a portable pest repellent that optimises JK SUS’s ultrasonic pest repellent technology. It must have the capability to emit sound in a targeted direction, and 360-degree radius, depending on needs, all while being connected to its app via Bluetooth.

The solution

Our design features an internal dome to disperse audio frequencies and ambient light 360 degrees, and a front-facing pattern of perforations allows directional ultrasonic waves to be emitted in a design that blends seamlessly into any home. The internal hardware throws the ultrasonic frequencies up to 40 meters and connects to an app via Bluetooth.

There has been a dramatic shift in the global consciousness away from chemicals and disposable products with harmful impacts on the environment. But pests are still a problem and can pose serious health risks. JK SUS came to Pilotfish to help transform their research-driven ultrasonic technology into a tangible product to fit any eco-conscious home and lifestyle.

Our design took inspiration from the environments it would be placed in – it needed to be stylish enough to integrate into the aesthetics of a modern home, but also reflect the natural environment of the outdoors. The user was a central focus, with the functions of the complex technology designed to be simple, effective and user-friendly.

Part of our work with JK SUS involved helping to define the use case – the company had a broad concept, which we were able to help narrow down to fit specific market and user needs and trends. This allowed us to help develop the most appropriate accessories, including a wall mount and wireless charging base, allowing users flexibility to move the device around the home and outdoors depending on their needs.


The project came with a tight timeline – our client had a clear focus and desire to get to tooling and on the market fast. With the experience and knowledge of our engineers, we developed a new electronics process to support this timeline amid the global components shortage and problem-solved the issues along the way.

The iRepell was a feat on logistics and timing – we were able to successfully get the complex product from concept to production in roughly 12 months.


Market ready, fast

With such success with timing, our client can get the product to market, allowing end users to deter problem pests in an eco-conscious and family-friendly way.

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