How do I future-proof my medical device business?

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY How do I future-proof my medical device business? In the medical sector, future-proofing your business is not just an option; it’s a necessity.   But what does future-proofing your business look like in an industry that requires longevity of products, but in a rapidly digitalising world?     Keep reading to delve into the concept of […]

How do I make my medical device user-friendly?

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY How do I make my medical device user friendly?  When it comes to medical devices, the paramount concern has always been safety. Ensuring that a device does not cause harm is non-negotiable. But what if safety is just one part of the equation of creating a successful medical device? There is another aspect that […]

How do I industrialise my medical device?

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY How do I industrialise my medical device? When it comes to medical device development, compliance is a cornerstone of success. This comprehensive guide delves into the pivotal role compliance plays in industrialising medical devices, shedding light on key steps, challenges, and what a strategic collaboration with Pilotfish can do to streamline the journey.  What is […]

ISO 13485 Accreditation: Elevating Quality and Confidence in Medical Device Manufacturing

WE HUMANISE TECHNOLOGY ISO 13485 Accreditation: Elevating Quality and Confidence in Medical Device Manufacturing In the ever-evolving landscape of medical device manufacturing, quality and safety are paramount. Our team at Pilotfish are thrilled to announce our ISO 13485 accreditation, certified by Bureau Veritas, marking a significant moment in our commitment to excellence in medical device […]

From University to Work: Top Tips for Designers

WE HUMANISE TECHNOLOGY From University to Work: Top Tips for Designers Transitioning from studies to the workforce can be challenging, but having the opportunity to meet industry experts for advice, inspiration, and feedback is crucial. That’s why Pilotfish project manager and industrial designer Jaime Ramírez Camarero will share his career journey and knowledge with students […]

Funding for sustainable ESD material research

Sustainable ESD packaging

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Provincie Noord-Holland funds study into sustainable packaging material for ESD products. Sustainable packaging materials for electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive products may soon be a step closer thanks to the MKB Innovatiestimulering Topsectoren (MIT) funding awarded to Pilotfish by the Provincie Noord-Holland to conduct feasibility research into paper-based alternatives.  Logistics has developed significantly since the 20th century, […]

Pilotfish receives EUROSTARS funding

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Pilotfish receives Eurostars funding Pilotfish is thrilled to announce its partnership with Cerebra Medical Ltd. and IDUN Technologies AG has received EUROSTARS funding support for a “Personalised Sleep Recovery Platform” project. The project combines Pilotfish’s design expertise with Cerebra’s proprietary Odds Ratio Product (ORP) sleep depth, IDUN’s leading in-ear brain interface technology to create […]

This is why you should manufacture in Taiwan

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Why should you manufacture in Taiwan? Here are the top 3 reasons When looking into manufacturing, there are countless options across the globe, each with benefits and drawbacks. Pilotfish invested in Taiwan more than 20 years ago, and our team there have proven time and time again it was the right decision, even with […]

Winner winner! Pilotfish wins 2 eDPA awards

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Winner, winner! Pilotfish wins 2 European Product Design Awards We’re proud to announce that Pilotfish’s design for Rapid Response Revival’s CellAED has won two European Product Design Awards in the categories of Life Science Design – Safety Designs and Science Design – Medical/Scientific Machinery. The CellAED is the world’s first handheld, smart, personal automated […]

Pilotfish Taipei achieves ISO 9001:2015 certification 

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Pilotfish Taipei achieves ISO 9001:2015 certification Pilotfish Taipei is breaking new ground for a hybrid creative product development and manufacturing agency, achieving ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) certification through SGS.  It’s a huge accomplishment for the team and a unique achievement within the creative industry. The certification demonstrates that Pilotfish fosters a culture that […]