Interactive Installations

By combining multiple and various disciplines in hard-and software development, followed by the complete realisation including logistics, we deliver interactive installations at your doorstep.

Skitzoo 2


We identify new opportunities within the field of connectivity, by linking the network with physical, smart objects and devices. We find the right balance between applications and electronics and create real value for real users.


Concept to Market

We work closely together with our clients, whether this means designing, programming, engineering and producing complete products or manufacturing small batches of parts, turning their ideas into tangible products ready for the market.

Insulin Angel small

Insulin Angel – The Smart Medication Tracker

Insulin Angel, a temperature and proximity tracking device designed by Pilotfish, is the first product which helps you keep your insulin at a safe temperature, and never losing or forgetting the medication or the kit again.


Pilotfish wins GIO 2014 Award

The work of Pilotfish designers has once again been acknowledged by international experts. The HelpMeSee MSICS Simulator, which was developed with Moog Industrial Group, was awarded with the Good Industrial Design 2014 Award.

What we can do

What we can do for you

We are a strategic design and innovation consultancy transforming complex electronic technologies into meaningful and desirable user experiences. Our work builds bridges between people and technology, touching on every aspect of their lives.