Activate your muscle in style

The world’s first muscle-activating sportswear

Through using specially developed electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), the
ANTELOPE series is the most revolutionary sportswear created in recent
decades. Thanks to integrated electrodes, the innovative sportswear
increases your natural muscle contraction rate, thus enabling more
effective and efficient exercising.


Product DNA

Proof of Concept

ID & UX Design


Tooling & Production

Final Assemebly

The interplay between the ANTELOPE smart clothes and the BOOSTER, its corresponding electronic unit controllable via an app, takes any kind of workout to a completely new level.

Pilotfish was responsible for the complete product development and production of the BOOSTER device, including the proof of concept development, ID design, mechanical and electronic development, tooling and final production.

More than just product development

Pilotfish ensured that the product’s development timeline matched the client’s funding structure. We made sure to deliver next generation prototypes in time to demonstrate progress to Wearable Life Science investors, enabling Antelope to secure new funding and win impressive awards.

What’s up?

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Marc Nagel, Managing Director