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Accidental falls are one of the leading causes of injury worldwide, so it’s never been more important to be easily in contact with vulnerable loved ones. The caera emergency fall detection bracelet is activated automatically when the wearer has fallen or at the touch of a button. Its in-built communication device voice calls close family, friends or emergency services and sends location information to the product’s app so help can be sent in selected European countries, fast.

Client: Microsynetics

Product DNA

ID & UX Design


Proof of Concept

Tooling & Production

The task

Design and produce a waterproof wearable bracelet and a charging device that encases a complex electronics set-up provided by Microsynetics, including antennas, a microphone, speakers, in a comfortable and practical design that is easy for elderly people to wear and operate.

The solution

The discrete caera bracelet can be activated manually at the touch of a button, or can auto-detect falls and then immediately voice call the listed emergency contacts across in Europe. The easy clip-buckle design is suitable for people with limited dexterity, and the long battery life and waterproof encasing means it can be worn over long periods, and in slippery areas with a higher fall risk.

Pilotfish was a driving force behind the entire development process for the non-stigmatising and simple-to-use wristband, bringing the product to life from initial sketches up to and including the delivery of parts.

We sought feedback from users to ensure the most comfortable and practical user experience, without compromising the complex and delicate life-saving electronics encased within.

We needed to design and build something that was essentially a phone – capable of voice calls with a microphone and speaker – but also waterproof, so users could continue to have peace of mind while getting in and out of the shower.

The buckle was designed with end-user functionality in mind. No one likes to fiddle around trying to secure small parts together. With our buckle, users can adjust to their wrist size and easily clip it on and off, no matter their hand dexterity.  

Why it matters

Falls can sadly be a fatal or life-altering reality, or be caused by an unexpected health condition like heart attacks. With the caera bracelet, help can be sent promptly without the wearer needing to interact with a complicated interface.

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