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Removing guesswork to improve patient outcomes

The Nela device records and documents a patient’s cough patterns at home, providing doctors with objective insights into patients’ cough frequency and timing. The device eliminates the need for self-reporting and enhances accuracy of medical data, all while seamlessly blending into a stylish home environment.


Take the stress and errors out of self-reported healthcare

A cough can reveal a lot about a health condition, but not to an untrained ear. For a person with a chronic health condition, it can be exhausting keeping a symptom diary. Nela takes the guesswork out by quietly listening to coughs and respiratory sounds at home. It then analyses the data and sends it directly to your doctors to improve health outcomes as fast as possible through targeted diagnostics. 

The Outcome

Transforming great ideas into fully-realised products

Pilotfish took on the challenge of crafting a distinctive, sensitive, and stylish home listening device for Carepath. Our team prioritised Carepath’s business needs, delivering a small batch of cost-effective electronics within a tight timeframe. Overcoming unique heat dissipation challenges, our innovative approach involved implementing a metal board and a small fan to effectively draw away heat, ensuring optimal functionality and design excellence. 

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