Sleep tracking made comfortable

In-ear EEG monitor




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Optimising in-ear EEG for a comfortable night’s sleep tracking 

The IDUN Guardian is revolutionising sleep monitoring by removing the layers of patches and cable and offering accurate EEG monitoring and data interpretation with a comfortable in-ear monitor. Our design optimises IDUN’s EEG monitoring technology and offers a stable connection for data collection and an unobtrusive design for all ear and head sizes and shapes.


Overcoming a trifecta of challenges

We had three strong focus points while creating this complex wearable for a consumer market – usability, comfort and stability. We found the perfect weight distribution for the device’s mechanics to sit at the back of the head. To ensure this weight did not affect the comfort of the ear hooks to connection with the earbuds, we created flexible straps secured with textiles to strike the balance between comfort and stability.  

The Outcome

Delivering to tight deadlines.

We delivered working prototypes in just three months, allowing IDUN to enter the spotlight at Sleep Europe 2022. Following this success, IDUN, Pilotfish, and Cerebra landed Eurostars funding to optimise and develop the next generation of products, which are in development (2023). 

What’s up?


Marco Heusdens, Managing Director

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