Friendly information

Personalising the impersonal

Infogate offers personalised information points in public spaces, which invite users to connect with real people via webcams, rather than robots. 


The task

Munich Airport challenged Pilotfish to create an information point for large, public spaces, such as airports, that is both easy to use and cost effective.

The solution

Previous solutions consisted of either info kiosks with impersonal and potentially confusing interfaces or service counters operated by actual persons, preferred by passengers but not cost-effective.

Our solution combined the advantages of both systems by using real operators connected via webcams to multiple stations located throughout the airport.

Human to human interactions

After developing the design concept, we built a 1:1 scale intermediary mockup to test the ergonomics of the system. The aim was to facilitate a human-to-human interaction with the person on the other side of the screen. Following mechanical engineering work, we also ensured the delivery of the final product to the Munich airport. 

What’s up?

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Marc Nagel, Managing Director