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1/3 of phones are replaced when the battery dies – but our charging habits are what’s doing the damage.

We’ve been working with Liion Power to design and manufacture, Leo, the first device to tackle planned obsolescence by altering charging patterns to extend battery life. Leo monitors the charging behaviour of various devices, including smartphones and headphones, equipped with USB-C chargers and adjusts the charging process to enhance long-term battery health.

The vision

Tackling planned obsolescence for a sustainable future.

One-third of phones are replaced due to battery failure. Charging a battery to 100% puts it under high chemical tension, accelerating the battery wear. Yet many of us plug our devices in overnight to charge, maintaining a 100% charge for several hours. Leo analyses the charging pattering of your devices and optimises the charge for long-term battery health.

The Outcome

Communicating function with form.

 We wanted the form of the device to reflect what was going on inside – the chaotic current neatly ordered in the middle and distributed to your charging item (phone, headphones etc) with minimal battery damage. There two lines in the form symbolise the flow of the current from one side to the other.

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Harm Hogenbirk, Managing Director

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