Celebrating tradition with trends for a contemporary prayer clock

Islamic Prayer Clock






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Reinventing tradition

Following in-depth research about Islamic culture and contemporary user needs, Pilotfish designed, engineered and produced a mini-series of prayer clocks. Two types of clocks were developed: a home model and a model to be placed in mosques. Both are inspired by the rich tradition and heritage of Islamic Golden Age scientists, who used and perfected time-measuring tools like the astrolabe.


Integrating modern technology with age-old customs

With this project, our goal was to design prayer clocks that simultaneously celebrate the tradition of Islam and embrace contemporary societal trends. As prayer times change every day and with every season, accurately calculating the time of prayer is very important for Muslim communities. It was thus crucial to embed new technologies like GPS clock synchronisation into the product, while keeping the design and display technologies in the background. The resulting shape is modern yet timeless.

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Marc Nagel, Managing Director

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