Comfort in energy efficiency

Smart thermostats that adjust to your behaviour

With the internet-connected Smart Climate Assistant from tado°, your
heating system adapts to your life and heats more efficiently than ever
before. More than reducing energy consumption and increasing savings,
the thermostat also considers the residents’ overall comfort. tado° detects
the absence or presence of residents via their smartphones and then
adjusts the heating automatically.

Client: tado°


Proof of Concept

Tooling & Production

Pilotfish has worked with tado° since their early startup days, developing, tooling and producing encasement parts. At first, the emphasis was placed on low tool investment and short time to market.

Now, many years later, tado° is one of the most successful hardware startups in Germany and Pilotfish continues to support them with design optimization to reduce costs and improve supply chain management.

Long term collaboration

The collaboration with tado° is a great example of changing business objectives throughout the growth of a company. Pilotfish’s diverse team of experts have supported the client’s changing needs and become a part of its success story.

What’s up?

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