Printed electronics: the sustainable, affordable and comfortable solution for incontinence care

Fluid Detection Sensor


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Prioritising sustainability and comfort with smart incontinence management

This fluid detection device uses printed electronics to create a circuit between a paper-based, one-time-use sensor embedded in a diaper, and an external reusable plastic connector. This allows aged care and healthcare facilities to remotely detect fluids, offering a non-invasive alternative to manual checks. It also serves as a cost-efficient solution for optimising stock management.
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The vision

Affordable solutions to improve patient comfort and improve stock management for staff

Our smart device is simple – when fluid is detected, healthcare staff are alerted that a diaper change is needed. No costly metal components. No disruptive manual checks, or unnecessary changes. This affordable solution to incontinence management allows healthcare facilities to improve their stock management and optimise their staff time, all while increasing patient comfort.

The  outcome

Reducing waste and health facility costs through innovations in printed electronics

Recognising the growing challenges facing the aged care and global healthcare industry, we used ORELTECH’s printed metallic inks to design a flexible, one-time-use sensor and reusable plastic connector that create a circuit when the printed electronics join, reducing the need for costly metal components. 

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