Hearing Systems

Revolutionising the perception of hearing instruments CLIENT: Hansaton  INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Long-term relationships to foster long-term customer trust and loyalty

E.SUN Banking App

Online banking made easy and safe CLIENT: E.SUN Bank INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Easy online banking, wherever and whenever

Prayer Clock

Celebrating tradition with trends for a contemporary prayer clock CLIENT: INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Reinventing tradition THE VISION Integrating modern technology with age-old customs With this project, our goal was to design prayer clocks that simultaneously celebrate the tradition of Islam and embrace contemporary societal trends. As prayer times change every day and with every season, accurately […]

Cage Headphones

Up your game with HD sound CLIENT: Teufel   INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Future-proof design  THE VISION Immersive sound experience CAGE’s advanced audio technology enables you to lose yourself in the action and localise your opponents with ease.  Endless sketches, foam models, and 3D-printed shape studies—these are some of the many prototypes we created while developing the […]

Luxury Notebook

Luxury and performance in a portable PC CLIENT: INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Reliable and durable luxury The vision Delight in the detail Upon opening the notebook, the keyboard automatically tilts into a comfortable typing position for the user. The letters are hidden when it’s in an idle state and illuminate when activated through built-in proximity sensors. The […]


Creating personal connections with customers and staff, with cost effective solutions CLIENT: INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Friendly information with a friendly interface THE VISION Human to human interaction After developing the design concept, we built a 1:1 scale intermediary mockup to test the ergonomics of the system. The aim was to facilitate a human-to-human interaction with the […]

Logistics Shuttle

Automating warehouse logistics with a smart logistics shuttle system CLIENT: INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Simplifying and automating workloads The vision Simple and screwless By interacting with end users, we proposed the most meaningful user cases and innovative mechanical solutions to achieve a unique aesthetic value. The shuttle housing is assembled without any screws: simply lifting the top lid […]

Car Sound System

Enhancing the driving experience with incredible audio CLIENT: INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Revolutionary car audio with enhanced sound quality

Liion Power

Take control of your device’s battery life CLIENT: Liion Power INDUSTRY: SERVICES: 1/3 of phones are replaced when the battery dies – but our charging habits are what’s doing the damage. https://www.pilotfish.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/20230920_Liion_Power_Leo_gif-7.mp4 The vision Tackling planned obsolescence for a sustainable future. One-third of phones are replaced due to battery failure. Charging a battery to 100% […]