Vostars headset

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY AR in the future of surgery Augmented reality enhanced surgical navigator The VOSTARS headset pushes the possibilities of augmented reality (AR) as the the first multimodality visor for surgical navigation. The system uses AR to overlay case specific information on the patient during surgeries with a submillimeter accuracy. The virtual content stays within the […]


WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Repel pests without the mess Eco-conscious pest repellent The iRepell is the answer to problem pests, with the ability to deter 16 different pests, including insects, rodents and cats, using ultrasonic frequencies of predator sounds. Its design and technology can be tuned to specific frequencies to target specific problem pests, deterring them with no […]


WE HUMANISE TECHNOLOGY Keep your water in focus Test water on site  The Coloryzer® helps people accurately test water conditions, covering a wide range of users from the hobbyist, such as aquarium and swimming pool owners, to the professional, such as coral growers, breeders, and laboratory institutes. The device uses light-sensing technology to analyse the […]


WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Peace of mind in an emergency Making life safer, simply Accidental falls are one of the leading causes of injury worldwide, so it’s never been more important to be easily in contact with vulnerable loved ones. The caera emergency fall detection bracelet is activated automatically when the wearer has fallen or at the touch […]

Open Point App — 7-Eleven

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Keeping 7-11 connected, 24/7 Always open, 7-ELEVEN With more than 5.800 stores, 7-ELEVEN is the biggest chain in Taiwan. The OPEN POINT app is the perfect tool for 7-ELEVEN’s members to stay connected and learn about upcoming events, promotions, as well as support payment methods and many other services. Client: 7-ELEVEN Official Website UI […]

NeoSpectra Scanner

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY A lab in your pocket NeoSpectra Scanner Increasing efficiency in agriculture through user-centered designFarm work is time-sensitive; animals are hungry and growing, crops haveoptimal harvest windows, and agriculture staff have hefty workloads. Client: SI-WARE Official Website Product DNA ID & UX Design Engineering Proof of Concept Tooling & Production The task Design and engineer […]


WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Comfort in energy efficiency Smart thermostats that adjust to your behaviour With the internet-connected Smart Climate Assistant from tado°, yourheating system adapts to your life and heats more efficiently than everbefore. More than reducing energy consumption and increasing savings,the thermostat also considers the residents’ overall comfort. tado° detectsthe absence or presence of residents via […]


WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Removing headaches from migraine treatment Coaching application for migraine patients The CoolHead app was used during the clinical trials of the CoolHead system; a portable medical cooling device, designed for home-use by migraine patients. Client: Braincool Official Website User Research UI Design Wireframe Front-end Development The task Design an app to help migraine patients […]

Biolux Human Centric Lighting (HCL) Control Unit

WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Lighting for real life Human centeric lighting The award-winning BIOLUX Human Centric Lighting (HCL) Control Unit is a controller for HCL luminaires, a modern concept in lighting, which centers around people and positively impacts general health and wellbeing. Client: LEDVANCE Official Website Product DNA ID & UX Design Engieneering Proof of Concept Tooling & […]


WEHUMANISETECHNOLOGY Seeing deep, in the dark A videoscope with easy operations on the fingertip The Mitcorp X1000 is a video borescope or inspection camera, that captures video or images deep within equipment, engines and other dark spaces. The user interface was developed by Pilotfish to increase efficiency in harsh environments. Client: MITCORP Official Website ID […]