NeoSpectra Scanner

Enhancing agricultural efficiency with user-centred design CLIENT: SI-ware INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Optimising client technology to solve real-world pain points THE VISION User-centred design for real-world agricultural needs Our task was to develop a portable spectrometer tailored to farmers’ practical requirements. We deeply considered the end-users and developed a product that seamlessly integrated technical specifications with the unique […]


Enhancing surgery with augmented reality. CLIENT: VOSTARS INDUSTRY:  SERVICES: Translating surgical needs into a flawless user experience The vision 30 degrees to a comfortable solution Through our user research, we found neck strain to be a major concern for surgeons. We overcame this challenge by designing a tilt in the device to allow the […]


Repel pests without the mess using ultrasonic frequencies CLIENT: JK SUS  INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Portable pest repellent, with internal speakers, light and Bluetooth connectivity THE VISION Decreasing pest risks without chemicals Pests can pose serious health risks. JK SUS came to Pilotfish to help transform their research-driven ultrasonic technology into a tangible product to fit […]


Analyse water on site, in the field or lab with light-sensing technology. CLIENT: AXYON-DYNAMIC INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Accurate water testing with light-sensing technology THE VISION Creating absolute darkness for accurate results We deeply considered the Coloryzer’s need for absolute darkness inside for the light-sensing technology to work. In our POC phase, we tested the effect […]


Innovating smart medical wearables to bring safety and peace of mind to you and your family CLIENT: Microsynetics INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  37 million accidental falls require medical attentional annually* The vision Designing for safety, discretion, and simplicity. Our design sends help promptly without the wearer needing to interact with a complicated interface. The discrete, non-stigmatising […]


Building brand loyalty through an easy-to-use app CLIENT: 7-Eleven Taiwan INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Keeping 7-11 connected, 24/7 THE VISION Fast and strategic design Pilotfish completed the design and implementation of the OPEN POINT app, which has more than 1,300 pages, in just four months. Pilotfish was not only responsible for the design of the app, but […]


Smart thermostats that adjust to your behaviour CLIENT: tado INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Engineered to make life more comfortable THE VISION Building growth through long-term partnerships Pilotfish has worked with tado° since their early startup days, developing, tooling and producing encasement parts. At first, the emphasis was placed on low tool investment and short time to market. […]


Removing headaches from migraine treatment CLIENT:  Braincool INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Removing pain points from migraine treatment. THE VISION App development for clinical trials The CoolHead app has two key features to support the participants during clinical trials: > Guiding users throughout the use of the device> Surveying participants to provide feedback about the treatment efficacyPilotfish was […]


The answer to a good night’s sleep is at the tip of your finger CLIENT: PranaQ INDUSTRY:  SERVICES:  Dreaming of easier sleep data collection? THE VISION Get a better night’s sleep – with data Insufficient sleep causes a huge range of issues for health and well-being. Enter the TipTraQ—a discreet, comfortable sleep-tracking device that streamlines […]

Ledvance Biolux Human Centric Lighting (HCL) Control Unit

Making light tangible with satisfying haptic sensation to improve health and wellbeing Client: Ledvance Prioritising sustainability and comfort with smart incontinence management The vision Improving wellbeing with lighting  Office buildings are notorious for poor lighting. But the Biolux Human Centric Lighting Control Unit gives the users the power to adjust the lighting to reflect our […]